IN DEVELOPMENT It’s 1934, the heart of the Great Depression, and everyone is wondering where the American Dream might have gone.  Two small town girls, Flowers and Rosie want to ditch their dead-end lives and go find it.  They get their chance in the form of the Transcontinental Roller Derby—an endurance skating contest, held on […]

The White Lama

WORLD PREMIERE FEBRUARY 2020, PHILADELPHIA In 1947, American Theos Bernard set out on a rugged mountain trail for the monasteries of Tibet. He was never seen nor heard from again. It would be the tragic, final chapter of a life whose exploits continue to ripple through America’s cultural landscape to this day. Mostly unknown to […]

Archivist with Saori Tsukada

IN DEVELOPMENT Beneath an abandoned amusement park, an old archivist awaits his client in an underground library. Meticulously organized by his rigorous system files, artifacts and junk are effortlessly catagorized and stored. Death in a family, breakup of a long trusted relationship, a burnt-down apartment…episodes from the client’s life emerge from the boxes and containers […]

Club Diamond

In 1937 Tokyo, a celebrated Benshi finds his livelihood as a silent film narrator threatened by the Talkies. Against all odds, a Japanese film star pursues her fortune in Hollywood. In CLUB DIAMOND, performer Saori Tsukada interweaves these stories, transforming from a modern New Yorker into the aspiring star of the ‘20s, and finally to […]

American Rimpoche

  FULL SITE/BUY DVD To the western imagination, Tibet evokes the exotic, the spiritual, and since its invasion by China, the political; a fabled land, sheltered from modernity and threatened by extinction. Endowed with all that the West has lost, Americans are enchanted with Tibet and its particular form of Buddhism. In American, the […]

The Glass Center

Philip Glass is creating a center for art, science and conservation. It’s a long term project that requires a lot of resources. Here’s a video created by Appino Productions to help him with his fantastic and visionary project. [qt: 450 325]


An environmental performance piece based on Alain Robbe-Grillet’s novel. “In Appino and Corson’s Djinn you’ll discover why Aristotle included Spectacle as one of the six essentials of the theatrical experience. With a shoestring budget and a superabundant imagination they transform a structure built for utilitarian ends into a gigantic cabinet of wonders, resonating with the […]

Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink: Destiny and the Dance of Mata Hari A dance/theater performance based on the life of Mata Hari. Written and directed by Nikki Appino with original choreography by Wade Madsen and an original score by Wayne Horvitz. Invisible Ink is a dance/theater performance based on the life of Mata Hari (1876-1917). The work is […]

Before the Comet Comes

Written and directed by Nikki Appino, original score by Robin Holcomb. Before the Comet Comes is a multimedia theater piece that explores personal and social apocalypse on the eve of the new millennium. This work premiered at the Empty Space Theatre in Seattle Washington. Before the Comet Comes, is a theatre piece exploring personal and […]

A Girl’s Gotta Ride

American rodeo celebrates rugged individualism, pits man against beast and seeks to tame the wild. Why do women do it? Meet a few gals from the “All Women’s Rodeo”, these aren’t your fancy barrel racers that can make over two hundred thousand dollars a year at the men’s rodeos. These women earn around ten thousand […]