A Girl’s Gotta Ride

American rodeo celebrates rugged individualism, pits man against beast and seeks to tame the wild. Why do women do it?

Meet a few gals from the “All Women’s Rodeo”, these aren’t your fancy barrel racers that can make over two hundred thousand dollars a year at the men’s rodeos. These women earn around ten thousand dollars – if they’re lucky. But they travel miles of dusty roads to rope ornery steers, ride bucking broncs, and get thrown from the back of two thousand pound bulls. It’s a men’s game you might say, but if you give it a second look, you just might catch a glimpse into the heart of the great American cowgirl.

Directed by Nikki Appino
Music by Robin Holcomb
Cinematographer Rod Bachar
Editing Nikki Appino, Erin Hudson and Anat Solomon

Additional Photography: Alex Terrazes
Stills: Rod Bachar

Running Time 17:10 minutes


[qt: 450 325]