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May 24 2010


An environmental performance piece based on Alain Robbe-Grillet’s novel.

“In Appino and Corson’s Djinn you’ll discover why Aristotle included Spectacle as one of the six essentials of the theatrical experience. With a shoestring budget and a superabundant imagination they transform a structure built for utilitarian ends into a gigantic cabinet of wonders, resonating with the poetic impact of sheer space, the dialectic of light and shadow.” – Roger Downey, Seattle Weekly Read more ›

May 20 2010

Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink: Destiny and the Dance of Mata Hari

A dance/theater performance based on the life of Mata Hari. Written and directed by Nikki Appino with original choreography by Wade Madsen and an original score by Wayne Horvitz.

Invisible Ink is a dance/theater performance based on the life of Mata Hari (1876-1917). The work is created for two actors, one singer, and a three-piece orchestra. Marguerite Zelle, a.k.a. Mata Hari, lived with her husband in the Dutch East Indies where she learned the native sacred dances of Java and Sumatra. She incorporated them into her “performances” (stripteases) when she changed her name to “Mata Hari” and hit the cabaret circuit of pre-WW1 Paris. This combination of the sacred and the profane created a sensation. Read more ›

O, Say a Sunset

A staged concert inspired by the life and writings of environmentalist Rachel Carson.

Composed and written by Robin Holcomb, Directed by Nikki Appino, Sunset toured the United States in the fall of 2004. The piece featured musicians Eyvind Kang, Guy Klusevic, Doug Wieselman, and Wayne Horvitz.


Bye Bye

Here I Come Crying Again

Lose Again

Before the Comet Comes

Written and directed by Nikki Appino, original score by Robin Holcomb.

Before the Comet Comes is a multimedia theater piece that explores personal and social apocalypse on the eve of the new millennium. This work premiered at the Empty Space Theatre in Seattle Washington.

Before the Comet Comes, is a theatre piece exploring personal and social apocalypse. It’s December 31st 1999, the eve of the 2nd Great Millennium, and four characters are stumbling about wondering if Y2K will destroy their computers, if the Second Coming is a hand, and if it really is the end of the world. In this narrative – told through text, music, and late-night video, we witness their hilarious and harrowing attempts to survive. Before the Comet Comes is a little tour through death, peace, and the ultimate meaning of life. Read more ›

May 14 2010

Chiang Mai


Here is a new video for International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice

We started three projects:

1) Inside and Out – We completed twelve preliminary interviews for a documentary on the lives of lesbians in Thailand.

2) World on Fire – We shot the first interview with Dhamanada, the first full-ordained female monk in Thailand. This is a stand-alone piece for Thai audiences and also the first installment of a larger piece on women world spiritual leaders. Tenzin Palmo was interviewed last year.

3) The Art of Change – We completed the first theatre workshop with twenty-four participants in Pattaya and a media skills workshop in the winter of 2012

In the Spring of 2010 award-winning, American theatre director and producer Nikki Appino joined (IWP) –
International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice in its mission to promote the human rights work of local women’s organizations, community peace groups, non- government organizations (NGO’s) and grassroots activists from throughout South East Asia. Founded in 2002, IWP leads workshops, retreats and training courses that promote sustainability and transformation at the personal, community and societal levels. Workshops cover issues such as: non-violent action, conflict transformation, gender and diversity, violence against women, and leadership training.

Together with Executive Director, Ouyporn Khuankaew, Appino developed curriculum and co-taught a workshop titled, The Art of Change; Media and Arts Advocacy for Social Transformation.