Hell’s a Fable


In the west there is a powerful draw to stories of selling one’s soul to the Devil. Hell’s a Fable is a cautionary tale, a jest book, and a bit of a theological tract. Inspired by Western Mysticism, Christopher Marlowe’s Faust, Buddhist scholar Stephen Bachelor’s Living With the Devil and other writings on the devil in modern life, Hell’s a Fable is a small chamber with four actor/singers and live musicians.

The development process for Hell’s a Fable started with a trip to the New Mexico desert with Nikki Appino and filmmaker Cathy Lee Crane. There they collected images on film and used the Art Lab at the University of New Mexico to begin a conversation about design. The development continued with a month-long writing residency at the Philadelphia Art Hotel.


Photos: Carmen Silva, Cathy Lee Crane and Nikki Appino