Archivist with Saori Tsukada

Beneath an abandoned amusement park an old archivist awaits his client in an underground library. Meticulously organized by his rigorous system, files, artifacts and junk are effortlessly categorized and stored. Death in a family, breakup of a long trusted relationship, a burnt-down apartment…episodes from the client’s life are selected and indexed. The past (memory) is stored in a safe place by this professional whose impeccable service is confidential, but whose purpose remains unknown. Conflicts arise – the fate of the world is in peril.

ARCHIVIST is a staged performance work that includes puppet animation, mixed obsolete media and machines. It will be performed by one actor an accompanied by a cellist. A companion piece to Club Diamond, Archivist investigates identity – the value we attach to our objects and stories, its inherent subjectivity, and the systems we make to categorize and evaluate human experience.