It’s 1934, the heart of the Great Depression, and everyone is wondering where the American Dream might have gone.  Two small town girls, Flowers and Rosie want to ditch their dead-end lives and go find it.  They get their chance in the form of the Transcontinental Roller Derby — an endurance skating contest, held on a track outside New York City with big prize money. Sounds like the Dream, right?  Anyone can win?  Well…not exactly.

Transcontinental is a new musical by Nikki Appino and David Russell set inside this crazy contest. It’s a melodious myth about two childhood friends, the growing love between them, and the risks they will take – which transform them forever.

Working-class characters, gender-bending shifts and champagne-soaked movie spectacle are all here. Roll with us into the dark heart of the American Dream where “liberty and justice for all” is a sales pitch, “the great melting pot” is where those at the bottom get burned…and everyone is in drag.