APPINO PRODUCTIONS creates live performance, films, documentaries, and web-based content.

We celebrate the power of art to form community, share ideas, and collectively progress toward a better world.

The latest project, Club Diamond, (created with Saori Tsukada) was part of the Sundance Theater-Makers Lab and the Sundance Lab at MassMoca. It had its world premiere at The Public Theaters’ The Under the Radar Festival, this past January.

“Running through (Appino’s) original work are the currents of melancholy, humor, and a human scale approach to epic subjects.” -Seattle Times
- Saori Tsukada in Club Diamond Amy Maguire in Djinn
From American Rimpoche
Our studio: 4000 square feet of urban warehouse. www.glassfactory215.com

Photos: Katherine Raines, Chris Bennion, Kayla McQuade, Nikki Appino